This month, join us in a Bra Recycling Challenge. We have partnered with The Bra Recyclers to raise awareness for bra recycling. 


Why You Should Recycle 

The fashion industry is not sustainable. It's one of the most polluting industries—American families are throwing an average of 81 pounds of clothing into landfills each year. 

The social impact of the re-use of bras has allowed The Bra Recyclers to donate over 4 million bras to women and girls around the world who are in need, those escaping domestic violence and human trafficking, or just need a bra to go to school or play sports.

How You Can Recycle

It's easy—print out a non-postage paid shipping label here to mail your bras to the Bra Recyclers. 

Wash your bras and mail them off to TBR Phoenix warehouse where they will be sorted by quality (new, gently-used or worn).

Your pre-loved bras are then sent to fulfill requests from local non-profit organizations and clothing exporters who ship them to women around the world.  

What You Can Recycle

  • New, gently-used, and worn Bras, including sports bras 

  • Post surgical breast caner supplies and accessories (Mastectomy Bras, Prosthesis, Camisoles, Sleeves, etc). The Bra Recyclers works with Impact One Breast Cancer Foundation, a Phoenix-based non-profit organization to provide these items to uninsured women.

  • New undies only

Thank you for Recycling

You'll get 15% off your next Filly Rose purchase when you participate in the Bra Recycling Challenge. Coupon codes will be emailed to you once your donations are received, and are valid through the end of May.

Learn more about The Bra Recyclers here



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