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I'm smiling from ear to ear today because the Happy Hour Tie Dye Pullover just came back in stock. This item was so popular it sold out overnight. Which is no surprise when you understand just how special these pieces are. Each top is hand dyed in San Fransisco, CA. 

The pieces are created by Jess Lee. Her aptly named company, Things Between is inspired by the little things in life. 

"Good things happen, bad things happen - but it’s always the Things Between that moves us forward," says Lee. 

"Our products are hand dyed in-house and embroidered in Los Angeles," she adds. "The process can take up to three days to perfect the right color and shade. Each item is made with love and meant to share good vibes."

Need another reason to smile? Here's five! 

Filly Rose Happy Hour Tie Dye Pullover

1. More people are receiving their COVID-19 vaccinations! Two sisters from new Jersey recently created a Facebook group to help people find and book appointments near them. Read more about how they are helping those in New York and New Jersey here. 

Happy Hour Tie Dye Pullover Puppy

2. Puppies! The happiest feeling is walking in the door and being greeting by a happy, tail-wagging dog. But what about this man, who's dog followed his ambulance to the hospital and waited for him outside for six days. Read more about this loyal pup here

3. Kim Ng was recently named the first female and first Asian American to be named the first general manager of a MLB franchise. Read about Ng here, and tune into the Miami Marlins games to see her in action! 



4. It's hard to not love a cat wearing glasses! Truffles the cat wears glasses to help make kids who wear glasses feel more confident in them, too. Follow @truffles_the_kitty on Instagram for a daily dose of happy! 

5. Washington D.C.’s cherry blossoms signal the arrival of spring! This year, fewer visitors are expected to visit the site in person this year, the Trust for the National Mall along with its partners are bringing the beloved and blooming Cherry Trees to YOU during their peak bloom via the #BloomCam 

Happy Hour Pullover NYC

We made it one year! Celebrate yourself and all the hard things you have overcome this year. It's not all smooth sailing, I know. Here's a great article on coping. 


Shop the Happy Hour Tie Dye Pullover here!

April 03, 2021 — Elizabeth Basile

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