Filly Rose was created to make you feel good under your clothes. Imagine the feeling you get when you step out of the salon with a fresh cut and a bouncy blow out. You're glowing, right? Now imagine getting that same feeling every day when you put on your underwear! Awesome, right?

Lots of things can make you feel good, but why not start with your intimate apparel?

You should love your everyday basics! The briefs and bras that you put on under your clothes every morning before doing your thing. 

You should love the comfy clothes your put on at the end of the day because wearing real pants is hard!

You should love the performance styles you depend on for the times you choose to move your body. The bras and undies that wick sweat and stay in place while you work.

You should love the pretty things you slip on when you want to feel beautiful. Maybe for you that's a matching bra and thong or a flirty babydoll? Everyone has a different style and we love helping you discover what makes you feel the most, well, you!

At Filly Rose, we love all intimates, all bodies and all ages. We value sustainability and promote the circular economy through our partnership with The Bra Recyclers. We put customers first and strive to make every interaction an intimate and enjoyable one. 

Most of all we love that intimate apparel has the power to make you feel your best through every aspect of your life. 

We love when we see the feel-good power of your underwear shine through!