Hey, there! If you were to take a quick inventory of your top drawer, how many bras would you find that you no longer wear?

My guess is quite a few!

I think it's also safe to say the reason they are still hanging around is because you're not sure what to do with your old bras.

Donate them!

Join Filly Rose at Rustic Charm in Woodbury, CT, for our in-person bra drive on Saturday May 15, 2021.

I've teamed up with The Bra Recyclers to become an ambassador for their bra recycling program. The reason I love this program is two-fold. It not only helps to keep textiles out of our waste stream, but it also helps women in need.

The fashion industry is currently not sustainable, and our shopping habits have a lot to do with that. We are buying more than ever and keeping apparel items for less time. Plus, harmful treatments and dyes used in textile production are contributing to fashion being one of the most polluting industries!

Recycling 7 bras (about 1 pound) helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and CO2 emissions, so it's not an exaggeration to say that every little bit helps. 

The fact that women in need benefit from the pre-loved bras that are collected makes the efforts all the more worthwhile. 

Did you know that your pre-love bras can act as a rape deterrent for women living on the streets and in vulnerable positions? Or that your pre-loved bras can help a young girl in foster care who can't afford the right undergarments for her developing body?

This one small act can have such a huge and lasting impact on the planet, as well as women in need. I hope you will join us on May 15th for the bra drive at Rustic Charm, or mail in your bras using the form here



May 10, 2021 — Elizabeth Basile

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