Miel Sisters Active Underwear

What is the best underwear to wear while working out? It's a question I get asked all the time! As a runner, I'm no stranger to the feeling of soggy underwear after a sweaty workout. It's not comfortable and it's no good for your physical health and hygiene—yeast and bacteria thrive in sweaty underwear! I like to avoid yeast infections as much as possible, so I set out to find the underwear to wear for a run.

Enter Miel Sisters, a line of seamless and wireless performance bras and underwear meant for all-day wear for busy women. I discovered this brand as an editor but never had the opportunity until now to try them out till now.  

Miel Sisters Active Underwear

Here's why their underwear is different from the other activewear underwear styles you see marketed: The briefs and thongs are constructed with Guardin™ a plant-based solution, made with thyme and mint essential oils that inhibits the growth of bacteria and won't cause harm to the planet.  

You've seen anti-microbial and moisture-wicking products on the market, but many contain ingredients that are harmful to our environment and our bodies. Sustainability efforts are a huge priority for Filly Rose Intimates, so I jumped at the chance to give them a test run. 

I tested the Viki Bikini Brief out during one of my weekend long runs. This was in January when the temps were dipping pretty low. I still manage to work up a sweat on those chilly runs. Plus, I usually sport two pairs of leggings, which makes my underwear situation more snug and less breathable. A product with moisture-wicking and anti-microbial technology is incredibly important to me. 

Miel Sisters Active Underwear

Doctors will tell you to take off damp underwear and bathing suits immediately to avoid yeast infections, and I will mimic that advice. However, I sometimes linger around for a coffee after runs. (And there are times when you just can't change right away!) I was pleased with how fresh and comfortable the Viki Bikini Brief felt after six sweaty miles. And I felt confident that I was taking the best care of my personal health and hygiene, without sacrificing a post-run latte.   

Thanks to their advanced knitting technology, the briefs didn't pinch or chafe. And I loved that they had no tags or seams. The soft microfiber material truly felt like I was wearing nothing at all.

The Luna Thong met these same expectations. I'm glad to have both options in my top drawer. If you workout everyday, having more than one pair of active underwear will keep you from doing extra laundry.

Miel Sisters Active Thong

What I love the most about the Luna Thong and Viki Bikini Brief is that they are great for all-day wear. Founders Valeria and Camila Velandia are sisters who founded their company to solve a problem they both faced, which was how to stay fresh and comfortable from morning to night, from gym to office, from home to date night, without having to change underwear several times a day.

While I suggest you DO change out of your Miel Sisters underwear after a sweaty workout, you can easily wear these styles all day for any occasion. With the summer coming up, I will be relying on these styles more and more as I spend time outside in the warm temperatures. 

For the best care and to prevent breakdown of fibers, wash your Miel Sisters Underwear on delicate in a mesh laundry bag and line dry. 

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March 07, 2021 — Elizabeth Basile

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