Skarlett Blue T-shirt Bra Filly Rose How should a bra fit

Let's talk about how your bra should fit! We get it—for such a small garment, bras are complicated to figure out. However, if you know what to look for, finding a bra that doesn't hurt to wear and that makes you feel gorgeous is actually easier than you would think. 


Before you switch to Team No Bra, check these three points of fit to see if your boobs would be better served in a different size. 

Curvy Couture Blue T-shirt Bra Filly Rose How should a bra fit

1. Your Bra Band

Does your band sit parallel to the floor? And is it anchored on your back? Lift up your arms and jump a little to test. You should not have to tug the band back down after. 

Curvy Couture Push-Up Bra Filly Rose How should a bra fit

2. Your Bra Cups

Your breasts should be fully surrounded by the bra's underwire, and not pinching on either side. Is the center gore lying flat against your chest? Do you have all of your breast tissue inside the cup? Bend forward and, with your opposite hand, swoop the tissue under your armpit into your cup. Repeat on the opposite side. Now check to see if all of your breast tissue fits inside the cup comfortable. 

Skarlett Blue T-shirt Bra Filly Rose How should a bra fit

3. Your Bra Straps

Adjust your straps so that there's no more than an inch give. If you find that your straps are still too loose, it might be a sign that your bra is stretched from wear. On the other hand, straps that dig in may be due to a band that's not anchored.


Before your throw all of your bras away, check the three points mentioned above. Bras that are uncomfortable, may be too small or they may be too worn out. The ideal time to replace your favorite everyday basic t-shirt bra is every 6 to 12 months. 


Want some help finding the perfect fitting bra? Contact Libby at to schedule a fit consultation and bra suggestions. 




August 04, 2021 — Elizabeth Basile

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