In the world of movies and television, fashion plays an essential role in creating memorable characters. One such iconic fashion choice that made headlines is this Chantelle T-Shirt Bra worn by the talented Brie Larson in the upcoming Marvels movie. 

This bra took the internet by storm, and fans and fashion enthusiasts were left in awe. "I've been dying to know what sorcery bra that is," tweeted one follower. And "it was an unwritten rule that we were ALL struggling with this type of top?!" responded another. 

Want a silhouette as sleek as Brie Larson's in a white tank. Here's the bra AND how to style it. 


1. Find the best fit: The best bra in the wrong size will not achieve you the desired look under a white t-shirt. A well-fitting bra will help you eliminate problems like, cups that gap and straps that slip. If you struggle with the edges of your cups showing through your white t-shirt, you might be in the wrong size. The best way to find a bra that fits is a professional bra fitting. 

2. Pick a color close to your skin-tone, or a shade darker: We love the rose color from Chantelle because it picks up the red undertones in our skin to help make the bra truly invisible under white. 

3. Adjust the straps: The C Jolie Custom Fit T-shirt bra by Chantelle has a J-hook on the straps that allow you to convert the bra to a racerback-style. Before you put your bra on, be sure to lower the sliders on your straps for a more comfortable fit. Your bra straps will stay in place and out of sight. 

Book a professional bra fitting at our Madison, CT, studio to get the look and the best fit!

October 28, 2023 — Elizabeth Basile

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