We get a lot of questions about the size and fit of  Evelyn + Bobbie's Beyond Bra. Wondering if this wire-free bra is right for you? Read on to see our answers, and some fit tips from the brand. If you're ready to give the Beyond bra a try, shop online or make an appointment to visit us. 


Q: I'm spilling over the top. Is the cup too small? 

A: Don't ditch the Beyond Bra just yet. If you are spilling out of the cup you can use your hands to stretch the fabric. The bras are made of high-tech 3D-knit fabric with 4-way stretch. This means they are will stretch up to 3 inches where needed! If your bra fits well in the band but you experience spillage in the cups, use your hands to physically stretch the material in the cups. Stretch along the cleavage area—with one hand hold the center (between the cups) and use your other hand to pull that material up and away. Do this on both sides. This will help give more depth to the cups and create more cup capacity and separation. This is a great tactic for “uniboob” as well! Don’t worry, you can’t rip it!


Q: Are the straps adjustable?

A:Yes! The Beyond Bra features adjustable straps, but if you're tall they will loosen up as you wear the bra. You can help by stretching the straps out with your hands to create a more customized fit more quickly. 


Q: Do I have to take the pads out to wash the bra?

A: The Beyond Bra has removable inserts that provide modesty and create a smooth, round shape. Take them out when you wash the bra to help keep them from getting smooshed or dented. Of course, if you sweat in the bra you can wash them (on delicate, and line dry always!)

To put the pads back position the tear drop shape point towards the top and roll them up to fit inside the small opening at the top of the cup. 

You will have to maneuver them into place—use your hands to position the center edge of the pad flush against the center front. 

If you're ready to give the Beyond bra a try, shop online or make an appointment to visit us. 


May 08, 2023 — Elizabeth Basile

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